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Joy Ride Art

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7.7" x 9.7"
Paper is 5" x 7"

Mixed Media on Paper
Framed in brown acrylic floater frame

About the artist: Nan Jones

Nan Jones is a contemporary artist based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Her artistic practice is deeply rooted in observation, particularly of nature and life around her. Nan employs an intuitive process in her work, allowing each piece to evolve and transform until it feels complete to her.

Texture and layering play significant roles in Nan's artistic style, serving as cornerstones of her creative process. She is known for her innovative approach to color, frequently using unexpected palettes that captivate viewers' attention. In her artistic practice, she boldly utilizes copious amounts of paint that help create the layers, texture and depth that bring her canvases to life. 

Throughout her career, Nan's artwork has been showcased in various collectives and galleries across the southeastern United States. Her pieces have found homes in private collections around the world, reflecting the broad appeal and impact of her artistic vision.