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Wish You Were Here Art

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Mixed Media on Canvas

About the artist: Michele Morrice

My paintings are my diaries and my interpretations of nature. They are influenced by the changing light throughout the day and evening, as well as imagery altered by weather and the moods of the seasons. My paintings are portals that welcome the viewer and say, "come in and stay awhile, meander, take this journey into nature with me."

Traveling always renews my personal interpretation of nature.  I spend my days visiting gardens, hiking beside alpine lakes, in aspen forests, or wheat colored meadows and in the russet reds of desert canyons. I gathered a rich collection of inspiration - from sketches, notes, collages and photographs. While traveling, it is exciting to discover striking color combinations and compositions.  Once home and back in my studio, I use these material to develop my paintings.  My personal reflections are seen in the depth of my multi-layered acrylic and mixed media paintings and collages.

"I look; morning to night I am never done with looking" -Mary Oliver

I have a BA in design from Philadelphia University, and spent my career as a fabric designer and colorist.  In 2017, I turned my creative vision to full-time painting, working from my studio in Charlotte, NC. I have continued my studies via workshops with Aimone Studios, Nancy Hillis, Jenny Nelson, Audrey Phillips and Braitman Studios.