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Artful Home

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Artist, designer, and tastemaker Young’s first book celebrating his homes and showcasing his distinct design aesthetic, with its emphasis on serene and modern classicism.
Young has built a strong following both for his fine art and his beautiful homes. In his first book, he invites readers into his world, answering their most-asked questions: “How do I create a uniquely beautiful home?” and “How can I be creative in the approach to my home’s look?”

The book is arranged by the five guiding principles Young lives by: palette, texture, form, layers, and nostalgia. Whether creating a painting, designing a room, styling a vignette, or entertaining family and friends, these elements are essential to his work. The book shows readers how Young uses these concepts in his decorating, detailing his philosophy and overall creative approach as an artist and designer, and how they, too, can lean on them to curate beautiful environments.

Rich with new, serenely stunning images of his townhouse in DC and his never-before-seen country house in Virginia, Sycamore House, the book also features beautiful images of Young’s portraiture, collages, and abstracts, as well as flower arrangements, textiles, and ceramics. Ultimately, this book will inspire readers to establish their own point of view and translate it across any creative project they pursue, to create a life that is artful, beautiful, and unique.