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Barbara Lane Interiors

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The first monograph from interior designer and visionary art collector Barbara Lane is a stunning 408-page photographic tour of art-filled homes and executive offices from New York to Miami to Paris.

Written by Barbara Lane and Tracey Pruzan

Principal Photography by Phillip Ennis and Thierry Malty

Barbara Lane Interiors takes readers on a spectacular, 408-page photographic tour of the art-filled, meticulously tailored interiors designed by Barbara Lane—whose lifelong passion for collecting avant-garde paintings, sculpture, and furniture and whose acute attention to comfort, originality, and custom detail are reflected in more than 25 homes and executive offices from New York to Miami to Paris.

Presented in this book for the first time, Lane’s remarkable body of work, spanning more than four decades, focuses fresh attention on the importance of art and design in our lives. Barbara Lane Interiors celebrates an international list of the 20th and 21st centuries’ most revered, inspiring, and groundbreaking artists, including Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Longo, Claes Oldenburg, Cindy Sherman, Cy Twombly, and Andy Warhol. Lane’s interiors also present furniture by such 20th-century modern masters as André Arbus, Jean Royère, and Jacques Quinet, as well as the work of the finest contemporary designers, including Eric Schmitt, Philippe Anthonioz, and Christian Astuguevieille. Captured by the design world’s most accomplished photographers, Barbara Lane’s one-of-a-kind interiors offer a rare and deeply personal invitation to enter the private spaces of visionary collectors.

BARBARA LANE is the founder and creative director of Barbara Lane Interiors, the New York-based design firm known for elegant interiors that reflect the designer’s deep appreciation for fine art and hand-fabricated, one-of-a-kind objects. As a businessperson, art collector, and an active philanthropist, Lane has earned the trust and respect of an international roster of discerning clients.

TRACEY PRUZAN is a writer who has published widely on the subject of interior design.

408 Pages/10” x 12.75”