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Citrus Bouquet Art

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9” x 12"” watercolor and gouache on unstretched canvas framed in a white 12.25" x 15.25"
poplar wood & glass frame with white mat.

Part of the Impressionist floral series.

Note: Variations in texture throughout. Occasional slight fraying or subtle rippling along the edge are inherent to the nature of unstretched canvas and charm of this medium and will flatten with framing. Some paint transfer onto back of canvas. Work is titled, signed, and dated in pencil on back and signed in the bottom right on the front of the piece in gouache.

about the artist: Christina Spencer

Raised and residing in her beloved Charlotte, North Carolina, Christina’s works center on the grounding traditions and landscapes surrounding her southern upbringing and formative background in art and design. Her works build in layers of impressionist brushstrokes to capture her favored subject matters of her native landscape surroundings and floral studies with a focus on rendering the tension of the motion caught in a captured moment in nature. Inspired by everything from the lavender hued clouds speckled above the rolling Blue Ridge mountains to the coral back lit lowcountry sunsets and all of the flora in between, Christina also relishes in painting the intricate details of still life and abstract color and figure studies, to name a few, where her focus draws from more architectural and compositional detail with emphasis on light play. Painting has been a strong passion and pastime since childhood, the framework of which eventually became a calling for Christina to pursue a formal education in art and design. She has since spent over the past decade working in residential interior design honing her skill set and appreciation for storied craftsmanship, rich textural layers, color rendering, textiles, and spatial constitution while maintaining her practice of painting as a treasured pastime and the basis for her design explorations. Her lifelong love and pursuit of art and refined studio foundations reflect in her delicate attention to each of her paintings which are currently a study of watercolors, oils, and mixed media on canvas and paper. Her vocation is to employ the complex interactions of light and color with distinctive motion filled brush strokes or watermarks to create both scenic snapshots and detailed renderings that are timelessly engaging and collected as treasured, hope filled heirlooms.

When not in the studio, Christina can be found with high school sweetheart turned husband, Matt, and beloved dog, Captain, along with her dear family and friends who have always encouraged her to pursue this lifestyle and calling creating art to live in the art of beautiful spaces. For that, she is forever grateful.