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Design Dreams: Virtual Interior and Architectural Environments

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This book will be of interest to not only architects and designers, but also to consumers and fans of high design in interiors, furniture, fashion, and lifestyle-an ideal gift for the discerning recipient. CGI has long been associated with the film industry, but is now also an ideal visualization tool for designers and architects creating the ultimate what if" design scenarios. Design Dreams highlights the work of designers and 3-D render artists around the globe who visualize utopian architectural and interior designs set in dreamlike and futuristic environments. This compilation book is curated by London-based designer Charlotte Taylor, whose Instagram account @maison_du_sable features many of her own collaborations with render artists as well as those of her contemporaries. It has become the most followed Instagram account of this genre. The featured designs elevate a high-end, modern aesthetic that blurs the line between reality and fantasy in a digital world, one in which building and budget constraints do not impede the imagination of the creators.

UNIQUE VIEWPOINT: This book captures this growing genre of architectural visualizations from 3-D render artists who create evocative and coveted dream homes and fantasies.

GIFTABLE: The cover design, content, trim size, and price point make this an ideal gift for a sophisticated audience.

DESIGN CENTRIC: This book is ideal for curated, design savvy, independent retail stores as well as accounts like Anthropologie, museum stores, and more.

INSTAGRAM VISIBILITY: The various global artists that are contributing to this book will all participate in posting about it on their individual accounts, helping to create buzz about this title.
• Design-savvy shoppers
• Architects
• Interior design fans
• Decorators
• Buyers looking for a distinctive gift for someone with discriminating taste
• Digital design enthusiasts
• Designers
• Fashionistas
• Instagram followers of @maison_du_sable and other influential accounts