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Girls Night Out Acrylic Block Art

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5x7 Acrylic Block 

* This piece was specially crafted for Isabella + is one of a kind *

About the Artist: Emily Adele 

if you’re new here, thank you! and hello! i am emily, a born & bred charlottean and what some might call an *overly* passionate panthers fan. i spend most of my sundays at BoA stadium with a paw print across my eye - face paint, real paint, i like it all!

while the panthers are certainly a passion, art has always been number one. after graduating from charlotte latin in 2009, i headed down to oxford, MS, where I studied art at the university of mississippi. my hometown soon called me back and I transferred to The art institute of charlotte, where i graduated with my BA in fashion marketing + management. i went on to spend eight wonderful years in the retail world, continuing to do a bit of art on the side, but have since decided to go all in on what I love most, and that my friends, is painting and creating. it’s downright fun! 

quite honestly, my process is that I do not have a process. i create my pieces using a mix of different mediums and often find myself geeking out over the relationships that form between colors. it is as simple as that and what makes sense to me. painting is a creative outlet for me.

it allows me to express my emotions, good or bad, and has been an invaluable tool for me when i feel my anxiety creeping in, or when i just need a moment to myself. stepping into my studio brings a simultaneous sense of calm and excitement. it’s a channel i’ve come to count on, and one that brings me so much joy! it’s my hope these pieces bring you that same joy. :)