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Gleneagles: Stories from the Glorious Playground

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Since opening its doors a century ago, Gleneagles has remained one of Scotland’s most iconic luxury hotels and sporting estates. This celebratory volume, published to coincide with the hotel’s centenary, explores the heritage, glamour, and timeless sophistication of this enduring Scottish treasure.

When Gleneagles first opened in 1924 it was dubbed the “Riviera of the Highlands” and quickly claimed its place among the greatest leisure destinations in the world. Now, a hundred years on, its beauty, lure, and reputation for world-class hospitality remain unparalleled.

From its beginning, the social atmosphere at the hotel radiated the effervescence of the Roaring Twenties. Today, the spirit of glamourous gatherings past lives on, among many other pursuits, such as falconry, clay pigeon shooting, horse riding, golf, or simply soaking up the views of the majestic Glendevon while watching croquet on the front lawn. In this exquisite slipcased volume, the prestigious hotel explores its archives, looking both at the romance that endures behind its famed front doors and casting a glance towards its future.