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Glorious Provence Art

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Mixed Media on Canvas, framed in silver frame

About the artist: Rosa Dest

My art expresses my passion for nature, color and vitality.

I draw inspiration from several aspects from my life including my Colombian heritage, travels abroad and a love for nature. It has been my goal to transition into the art world for many years.

The birth of my first grandchild inspired me to take a leap of faith and commit to painting full time after working as an interior designer for 25 years in Nort Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.

I love to paint plein air whenever possible as it pushes me to focus on the light and looseness of my subject.When I paint plain air, I usually do so in gouache on paper.

I also paint in oils in my studio from my sketches, original photographs and plain air studies I have done. 

I am completely present in the moment as I paint-this allows me to express my personality, style and unrestrained sense of color on the  canvas.

Over the course of the last 15 years, I have studied under Andy Braitman, Connie Winters, Curt Buthler, Anne Blair Brown, Marc Hanson and Dottie Leatherwood. These artist have all helped me to see my subject through a different lens as well as develop a process I implement every time I paint