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Green Mallorca

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  • A book with a brand-new focus: sustainability on Mallorca
  • The jewel of the Mediterranean, away from the hustle and bustle of mass tourism ― about the people, the movers & shakers, and ways to preserve the natural beauty of the island
  • In tune with the current trends of sustainability and nature conservation

Mallorca: the jewel of the Mediterranean, known for its avid sunbathers and synonymous with a booming travel industry. In recent years the island has entered into an amiable but vigorous dialogue centered on conservation and sustainability as a result of the climate crisis and ongoing pandemic.

Photographer Patricia Parinejad not only illustrates the intoxicating beauty of Mallorca, she also tracks this exciting environmental movement, using stunning images and compelling writing to showcase sustainable businesses, eco-hotels, green initiatives, and innovators who are all fighting to preserve the island.

This captivating coffee table book shows even those familiar with Mallorca a side of the Balearic Island that is very different and yet very essential: the new ‘Green Mallorca‘.