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Hidden Architecture: Building that Blend In

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  • An inspired selection of buildings that blend into their environment
  • Highlights 50 of the world’s most important projects by leading architects worldwide
  • By expert Alyn Griffiths, a regular contributor to magazines such as Wallpaper* and Dezeen and author of The Future City

This book presents innovative examples of hidden architecture: buildings that are designed to disappear into their surroundings or hide in plain sight. In the city, hidden buildings are often designed to provide the occupants with privacy and protection from the busy world outside or they can be incorporated into the streetscape to free up space for public use. In the countryside, buildings should not spoil a scenic landscape, so they can be designed to become a part of it. Buildings can be buried underground, hidden amongst trees, covered with greenery or even sunk into the sea. They can be clad in mirrors to reflect their surroundings, disappear beneath an urban plaza or be hidden from view on top of another building. Each of these imaginative solutions offers a way for architecture to blend in rather than stand out. Hidden Architecture tells the stories of projects from around the world that are cleverly disguised but still beautifully detailed and outstanding in their execution.

Alyn Griffiths specializes in architecture and design and writes for magazines such as Dezeen, Dwell and Wallpaper*. In 2014 he wrote the book 21st Century Lighting Design and in 2021 he wrote The Future City.