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New Moon in Aries Art

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Acrylic, graphite & canvas collage on 1.5’ gallery wrap canvas. Signed, titled & dated on back; wired and ready to hang.

* This piece was specially crafted for Isabella + is one of a kind *

About the Artist: Jennifer McHugh 

I'm a California native and live in beautiful San Diego with my husband and two teenage kids. I spent most of my adult life teaching English to students both here and abroad. This fulfilled my love of teaching and travel, but creativity has always played an important role in my personal growth. At one point, my need for even more creativity led me to painting, and I've never looked back. Painting is my passion and I'm so happy I get to share it with you!

The things that are necessary for my overall contentment and well-being: traveling, exploring new places, meeting new people, creating, eating and cooking good food and spending time with friends and family. Then there are the little things that just make me giddy with happiness: that first sip of good strong coffee, anything handmade, the beach, freshly brewed sun tea, the color yellow, waking up in a new city, thrift store scores, a new magazine in my mailbox, long walks, a good cocktail...and paint on my hands.