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Pink Boobies Art

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 Mixed Media Collage, matted and finished in Vintage Wood Frame

11.5 x 14.5

About the artist: Suzy Lindow

Suzy Lindow is a self-taught painter and collage artist with a penchant for quirk and color. Originally from the Midwest, she studied Psychology at NYU before living in and exploring the American Southwest for the decade following. She's since settled down with her husband and three children in Coastal Virginia, where she spends her non-studio time secretly recording her neighbors doing shirtless lawn care and periodically torturing her 18-year-old Persian cat with mini party hats. She likes to create bold, lively pieces that infuse personality into a space, and her main influences include colorful vintage textiles, tribal artifacts, and folkart. Handmade objects and old things have always held wonder even from a very early age where she spent countless days being dragged along to estate sales and into dusty antique stores by her mother. These aged and bespoke notes of inspiration continue to play a central role in her work as she explores themes such as the relationship one has with one’s own perceived flaws and their unique physicality within greater societal beauty constructs. The offbeat color combinations and playful marks that define her whimsical portraits have caught the eye of collectors from both within the United States and around the world.