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Rise Above VIII Art

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Inspired by the fiery sunsets of the Greek islands, my collection "Rise Above" was created, as a reminder that we can greet each new day with renewed optimism, courage and love just like the sun rises and falls without fail.

6" x 6" x 1.5" 

About Theodora:

— a contemporary artist whose signature elements are textural surfaces, intuitive marks, paint chips and saturated colors. My creative process is exploratory in nature, influenced by emotions, surroundings, travels and life events. Art is a safe place for me to take risks and explore, always learning and evolving acting on impulsive ideas balanced by time for contemplation. 

I work primarily in acrylic paint but also love to combine other mediums such such as ink, gouache, flashe paint, pencil, pastels and collage. I dabble between larger works on handcrafted wood panels and works on paper. The variety challenges me and also gives me a chance to continue experimenting and enjoying every phase of the creative journey.