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Willow Wood Platter Collection

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Adding natural elements to your home will help to create the perfect environment. These Pale Moon Ebony bowls, trays, vases and planters, so popular in home decor/design today, are sure to add much warmth and coziness to a room. The wood itself is often cherished for how homey it can make a room feel. We've replicated this look on a thin profiled ceramic serve ware.
  • Thin Profile Ceramic Collection perfect for serving and decoration.
  • Simple and modern shape with elegant and organic design
  • European Pale Moon Ebony faux wood look with velvet Finish
  • Create your charcuterie and cheese plate on these trays.
  • Dishwasher Safe

Small: 6.75" W x 13" D x 
Medium: 8.25" W x 16.24" D
Large: 10"W x 19.25" D