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Maine Study No. 12 Art

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Acrylic on French Speckledtone Paper

about the artist: Blakely Little

Singing at the tops of our lungs, my family of five would race down the Severn River on our boat as the sun set. I grew up in the Annapolis area and moments on the water made my heart sing.
I couldn't help but chase the sunshine down the coast to downtown Charleston, where I live with my sweet husband, Curtis. We can be usually be found exploring the marsh, fishing off of Sullivan's island, or riding bikes to our favorite dinner spot, Leon's Oyster Shop.
I am daily inspired by the lowcountry sky, winding waterways, and colorful marshland. My artwork is the way I express joy I have bundled up inside of me. I like to paint the way I see the world: full of color in unlikely places.