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Studio Indigo: Architecturally Creative Interiors

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A stunning portfolio of residential and commercial projects from award-winning internationally renowned design house Studio Indigo

Founded in 2005 by architect and creative director Mike Fisher, Studio Indigo is an award-winning collective of dynamic architects, interior designers, technicians, and project managers, all under one roof—a uniquely collaborative approach that enables the creation of cohesive, superior spaces personal to each client.

This stunning volume presents a selection of the studio’s projects, both residential and commercial, showcasing their much-lauded ability to reinterpret and redefine spaces with a quiet yet luxurious timeless elegance. From Victorian stucco houses and the glamorous conversion of abandoned artists’ studios in London to the re-purposing of a quintessential English manor house in the Cotswolds and the creation of a luxury yacht, no two design projects are the same, but all share a combination of the best of historic and classical elements with the comfort and graciousness of modern living. Highlighting the studio’s diversity, architectural expertise, and attention to detail, down to the most sumptuous and stylish of materials, finishes, and textures, this curated portfolio celebrates Studio Indigo’s trailblazing reputation as the future of integrated interior design across the globe.